Kratos Power Systems and Wankel SuperTec Announce Partnership

Virginia Beach, Va (05 September 2023) MATBOCK, LLC of Virginia Beach, VA and Wankel SuperTec of Germany are excited to announce a partnership in developing a new state of the art genset through one of MATBOCK’s subsidiaries Kratos Power Systems, LLC. Kratos was formed in 2023 to address the technological gap in commercially available power systems. The Kratos T-REX™ Tactical Range Extender™ can produce over 40kWs of energy.

Over the past year, MATBOCK has been fully engaged in expanding their organic engineering and research and development teams, located in Virginia Beach, VA. This comes as their ​​Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Hybrid Electric Vehicle (JLTV HEV) contract is set to deliver in late 2023. Kratos’ generators will be tested and deployed in austere locations where power demands are high.

“The Wankel engines are proven to minimize weight, fuel consumption, noise, and exhaust emissions while producing a tremendous amount of power,” stated Zach Steinbock, MATBOCK’s President.

The T-REX™ line will be available in both on board range extender and stand-alone power generation configurations.  Kratos will begin accepting pre-orders later this year and start small scale production by the end of Q1 2024.  Kratos is also developing other novel power management systems to support the needs of the modern warfighter.

This video demonstrates the T-REX™ on a test bench in May 2023.

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