Revolutionizing Fuel Efficiency with Unmatched Power Output

Unleash the Power Within


At Kratos Power Systems, our mission is to revolutionize energy systems for our customers by providing cutting-edge networked power generation units and energy management systems. We are committed to overcoming contested logistics and driving a paradigm shift in the industry, redefining energy sustainability, resiliency, and efficiency for the modern military landscape.

Our Roots

Kratos Power Systems was started after a successful launch of the MATBOCK Tactical Electric Vehicle Program in 2022. The team is comprised of innovators with a passion to provide the US DOD an unfair advantage in power management and generation.

Trusted Partnership with the US Army

Kratos Power Systems has gained recognition and trust from the US Army. Their cutting-edge generator technology will be utilized in the development of the US Army Hybrid Electric JLTV, highlighting the reliability and performance of their power systems in demanding military applications.

Tactical Range Extender™

This revolutionary system weighs less than 240lbs and is capable of producing over 40kWs of energy.


Revolutionizing Engine Efficiency

In the face of long-standing inefficiencies in power production, Kratos Power Systems provides a solution. Their innovative technology significantly boosts engine efficiency from around 30% to over 60%. This advancement not only enhances fuel efficiency but also contributes to reduced environmental impact.